Tuesday, September 14, 2004

In the red corner

I'm getting dizzy with all this spin. Remember, I'm just 'passing it on'...

14 September 2004

Labour taking nothing for granted despite large poll lead

FRASER KEMP, Labour’s campaign manager in Hartlepool, commenting on tonight’s Channel 4 News poll that shows Labour with a large lead over all other parties in Hartlepool said:

"I have told every member of staff and every volunteer that we are going to take nothing for granted. Every vote will be fought for like it was the one that decided the outcome, and that is because any one vote could be the one that decides the outcome in the only poll that matters - the 30 September election.

"The poll does reflect the growing mood in the town: people want an MP on their side, with a strong mandate to fight crime and take on the criminals and yobs. Iain Wright is now clearly the only person who could be elected with such a mandate for action. And the last thing the people of Hartlepool want is a politically correct liberal making excuses for those who break the law - and that is what they’d get with a Lib Dem.

"If elected Labour’s Iain Wright will be a strong voice for Hartlepool in London and will never be afraid to speak out for the town - whether that means standing up to yobs and criminals or demanding ministers deliver the very best for Hartlepool.

"But the greatest weakness of the other parties is their candidates, especially the Lib Dem candidate Jody ‘Come Lately’ Dunn.

"The Lib Dems chose Jody Come Lately over candidates with rock solid local connections.

"Ms Dunn has never lived in Hartlepool.

"She insulted the people of the town by saying when she went canvassing she found them drunk or in a state of undress.

"She even tried to convince them into thinking she had moved here when, in fact, she had merely taken a flat on a short-term rent at the marina.

"The repeated mistakes of the Lib Dem candidate mean that after seven weeks they have made no progress against Labour and their campaign now appears to be breaking down in chaos as their campaign manager Lord Rennard has been recalled to London."

IAIN WRIGHT, Labour’s candidate, said:

"I am taking nothing for granted.

"Nothing would give me more pride than to be MP for Hartlepool, my home town and where I have lived all my life. I’ll keep on working hard for every vote and I promise the people of Hartlepool I will never make the mistake of thinking that almost enough is good enough. For me Hartlepool will always come first.

"But I long ago learned never to take this town for granted. People here are hard headed and straight forward. They want and will demand the very best. I know because I am just the same."


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