Wednesday, September 15, 2004

No Gus Robinson then

I was having a look at Hartlepool Borough Council's website earlier (as I am wont to do in my job) and there's a by-election on, apparently.

There's an official list of candidates there and at the BBC:

Edward Abrams (English Democrats);
Stephen Allison (UK Independence Party);
Philip Berriman (Independent);
John Bloom (Respect);
Ronnie Carroll (Independent);
Jody Dunn (Liberal Democrat);
Paul Watson (Fathers 4 Justice);
Christopher Herriot (Socialist Labour Party);
Alan Hope (Monster Raving Loony Party);
Jeremy Middleton (Conservative);
Richard Rodgers (The Common Good);
Iris Ryder (Green Party);
James Starkey (National Front)
and Iain Wright (Labour).

The Liberal Democrat candidate was quick off the mark to show off her paperwork. You'd think she'd never seen a legal document before or something.

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