Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"The people of Hartlepool are not daft"

That's the most sensible thing uttered so far in this by-election -- taken from today's Times article written in response to Channel 4 News' poll yesterday, which showed Labour on course to retain the seat. The Dunn campaign are understandably trying to play down her remark on her "by-election first" blog where she labeled the town's residents as "either drunk, flanked by an angry dog or undressed" and Lord Rennard was on hand to respond to the poll's findings.

The Independent try for some policy context in the campaign.

More on the poll in The Scotsman:

"The poll, commissioned by NOP, canvassed 1,000 people in the constituency between September 10 and 13. Of those most likely to vote, which gives a more reliable picture, the result was Labour 53%, Lib Dem 20%, Conservative 13%, UKIP 9%, Others 5%. The overall result of everyone polled was Labour 53%, Lib Dem 22%, Conservative 11%, UKIP 10%, Other 5%."

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