Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Language, Jeremy!

Now now. I think Tory Trouble have been a little bit naughty in claiming that the Middleton campaign has barely made any PR impact so far. There's been three press releases since the start of this week, on drugs (against, obviously), the BBC (ditto) and anti-social behaviour (need you ask?). No one's picked up on them, I grant you that, but you can't fault his campaign's spin doctors for effort.

I was reading in the local press about the public meeting on devolution I mentioned on here a while back. In the audience, asking questions of John Prescott and Bernard Jenkin on the forthcoming referendum on whether or not there should be an elected regional assembly for the Northeast, was one Graham Robb. Mr Robb is cited in the Evening Gazette article on the event as being the driving force behind Recognition Marketing and PR, a Darlington-based PR firm. However, most Hartlepudlians would remember Mr Robb as the zany dee-jay on Radio Tees (now TFM) back in the 1980s (where he bore more than a passing resemblance to this chap, I seem to remember). Either that or as the Tory candidate for Hartlepool in the 1992 General Election.

If a regional assembly is going to be detrimental to Mr Robb's business interests, might I suggest he drum up some trade on York Road, where I hear a certain candidate could do with some 'recognition' PR himself. After all, he has a lot of relevant experience in this area.

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